The scoop - almost all my portrait commissions are in black & white. This solves clothing decisions (wear some) and I am able to use all sorts of interesting locations without worrying that backgrounds will detract from the foreground - you!

Weather - I rarely worry about forecasts (it's always warm, sunny & calm in Wellington . . .) Seriously though, blue sky days are not always the best for portraiture and often my most exciting images happen with challenging conditions!

Time of day - I usually photograph pre-schoolers in the mornings. This is a good time for babes & toddlers when we have wonderful soft light in our verandah studio, before we head over to the beach (you'll often find me romping around "my logs" opposite the Cafe). Later in the day works better for bigger kids and adults - sometimes even early evening, when we have less light. Remember, if I can see you, I can photograph you . . . 

Sitting fee - nope, I don't believe in them! It's up to me to produce exciting images, then you buy what you like "a la carte". This way, if all else fails, we can just head to the Cafe & plan for another day.

Prices - print prices start at $210, framed options from $375. There is no minimum or maximum charge but be warned, you may just like the results quite a bit and  . . .

Our legendary DVD shows of the session are included at a sales threshold of $1500 & digital files options are included at $2000+.

Viewing & ordering - a week later, always at the studio please. We will show you lots of options. Payment is appreciated at this decision time please. 

Products - we are totally "in house" with our production & strive to high standards. We use acid free framing materials and print to an exacting archival permanence.

The whole process is painless and a lot of fun.